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People yearn for stories. In a world where truth and certainty can be hard to find, we hunger for hope and meaning.


I started out my career as a stage and screen actor before discovering a passion for getting behind the camera. The joy of my subsequent work as a Director of Photography is that it allows me to tell stories which bring laughter, education and a sense of hope. 

I have collaborated with producers, writers, directors, performers and presenters; I use my experience as an actor and filmmaker to take scripts from storyboard to screen in a sensitive and creative way.


I cannot wait to share the journey with you on your latest project, whether it's a short film, documentary or travel film about Saiga antelopes in Mongolia! 



A series of "unfortunate events" change everything for Fritz, a corrupt, wealthy and tired businessman who only wants a bit of peace and quiet. 

It was really enjoyable to work as DP on this film with some really talented and dedicated actors. Go on, why not watch the whole film! 


A vicar resorts to desperate measures as she tries to help two distracted parishioners to fall in love.  

I had the pleasure of co-writing, producing and being DP for this film, which was screened at the Two Short Nights Film Festival 2023. You might also catch me making a cheeky cameo...

let's do this. 

If you love what you've seen here on my site and want to find out more about me shooting your film then then get in touch by clicking the button below. 

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