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Creating a captivating live performance video can be a game-changer for theatre-makers looking to expand their audience and showcase their work beyond the confines of the stage. In an era where digital content reigns supreme, translating the magic of a live performance can help you to reach potential audiences and give them a taste of what your show will be like.

In this blog, we’ll share five tips to help you prepare to have your production filmed and give you the best chance to drawing in a new crowd!

A female actor performing in front of large crowd


You know your show better than anyone. So think about it like a film director would: consider the parts of the performance where different parts of the stage are used; the sections where you're creating a great spectacle and others that may be more intimate and profound. This will affect they way we will film these moments and may even mean that some are shot separately in a rehearsal setting.

We meet with you before filming to read the set list or script and discuss your show. That way we can be prepared for all the different moments in your production and showcase them all in the best ways.


Ensuring you choose an appropriate venue for filming is really important. We normally use multiple cameras to capture the action on the stage as well as at least one person filming audience reactions whilst they are enjoying your performance.

It's helpful to consider how external factors may affect the filming, such as noise from nearby roads as well as what venue your production would be best suited to e.g. a three-hander with minimal set may look out of place on a huge outdoor stage but fantastic in a more intimate venue.

We liaise with you prior to filming to establish the dimensions of your space and to make sure we capture the best footage of your show!

Two actors perform in outdoor theatre performance


Actors and musicians on stage are used to performing for a live audience which is very different to performing for film. Therefore, it may be helpful to prepare them for the prospect of the performance being filmed.

If it's helpful, talk with your performers about where the cameras will be positioned and what the aims are for the video so that they are on board with what you are doing as a company. Also, remind that what they have been doing in the performances so far has been brilliant, that way they will be confident that they don't need to change anything because cameras are present.

A white man on a cross playing character of Jesus


The success of filming live performance hangs on getting the right permissions but can be easily forgotten among all the other preparations. Contact your venue well in advance to request permission to film there as they may have certain requirements for filming. Notify performers about filming when they join your production so that being filmed for promotional purposes and have it written into their contracts. Finally, inform your audience that filming will be taking place and detail how they can get in touch to request that they are not included in the video (signs around the venue are always helpful).

White man whipping Jesus in play


Contemplate what the video is for and who you are trying to reach with it. Be specific about where you will be posting your video, when you need it to ready and how you will be able to measure its success. You may also want to think about your company or artist's brand and how that might be reflected in the video.

When ShakeItUp Theatre approached us about filming their improvised Shakespeare show, we were keen to create a video that reflected the fun, crazy and surprising elements of their show and brand. They (and we) were delighted with the result. Check it out below.

"We are delighted with the trailer Caleb made for us and have already secured new work on the back of it.Caleb was a pleasure to work with, he was highly professional and took the time to really understand our brand and ethos which he fully reflected in the final video.Would definitely recommend!"

James Dart - Artistic Director, ShakeItUp Theatre


Getting a high-quality video made which shows off your production in all its splendour is definitely worth your time and money in the long run.

Here at Caleb Mitchell Films, we use our experience as professional performers (Caleb plays a mean troubled poet) to craft live performance films that pack a punch.

Get in touch below if you would like discuss your performance and how we can help:

T: 07960 069411


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